1.FIGHT FOR SAFE SCHOOLS and improve our educational system.


3.BE ACCOUNTABLE AND ACCESSIBLE to all the people of our district and state.


5. BE REASONABLE AND RATIONAL when making decisions that will affect

the Taxpayers of our state.

Safe Schools


One of the problems in schools today is; there is bullying and violence that prevents students from learning. Big John will work with parents who feel powerless when their children are victims and the schools place a greater emphasis on changing the behavior of the bully rather than protect the victim. He will use his position as state representative to work with local government and metro schools to keep our children safe.


Reforming our Educational System


"What are we teaching our kid's?"

Vast taxpayer money is being allocated to support our public educational system, yet kids come out of school unable to read. Let it be clear...this is not anything negative against our teachers, they have a hard enough time dealing with our kids and Big John has the greatest respect for them. This is about what our kids need to be taught. Have they been educated with the right tools that will enable them to get jobs when they graduate from high school? Big John believes a greater emphasis needs to be on teaching computer science, math and critical thinking. This would prepare our children for today's tech-world. It will give employers the opportunity to fill positions with qualified citizens. He will submit legislation that will make sure our children have the skills necessary to enter the work force.


Work to Unite our Community against Crime


Nashville is growing and sadly with this growth attracts crime. In order for our community to remain prosperous, we must help law enforcement. Our people must feel safe. While we know the vast majority of our community are law abiding citizens, there are a few rotten apples that give the community a bad image. With this in mind, Big John will bring law enforcement and the community together to drive them out, thereby make the community safe and more attractive for investment.


Work to Attract Business and Jobs


Our district has come a long way, we now have a Walmart, Lowe's, a hospital, Kroger's, Family Dollar and two great restaurants, Waffle House and Checkers on the north west side. However, there is still room for investment. The Bordeaux area is still behind in positive development compared to other older established neighborhoods. With your help, Big John will work to convince business that our district is the place to locate.


Be Accountable and Accessible to All the People of our district and state


Today, we turn on the news and listen to politicians who are out of touch with the voter. Even when citizens address their concerns through proper channels, it seems the political leaders are inaccessible to them and open to the special interest that keeps their campaign chest full of money. The only time they come to when it’s time to vote. Big John has heard this sentiment on the street and as a member of the 54 district he feels the same way. He believes a leader should be responsible for making sure the wishes of his constituents are fulfilled and always be accessible to hear their concerns. Big John will be accessible to his district and stay on top of their concerns...this is paramount. We have watched other districts prosper while ours remain behind; this has to stop! Our hard earn money supports Nashville as well.


Be Reasonable and Rational when making decisions that will Affect the Taxpayers of our state


Over the last twenty years Big John has been a public servant. His duty was to execute the laws of this city and state. Many times he has been face with many difficult and sometimes heart wrenching decisions. Some that meant the difference between life and death. He's always had to maintain a level head, because he had to be responsible for his actions...actions that not only would affect him; but Metro government and the community he serves. If elected, he understands that the actions of a legislator could affect the livelihood, happiness and safety of the people of Tennessee.

Big John wants to be a leader who will secure stability, making an environment conducive for prosperity. 

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